What will reopening look like?

Gathering Information Summer 2020

Kindersley Alliance Church Summer 2020

Gathering Information

  • “Places of worship may resume services providing social distancing of two metres can be maintained between each individual household.”
    • Households are free to sit together as close as they want.
    • Each household should maintain a distance of two metres from another household.
    • Individuals should remain two metres from other households and other individuals.
    • Please remain in place once seated.


  • Exiting the building.
    • In order to avoid congestion the exits will be marked.
    • Please avoid congestion at the exits.


  • Hygiene
    • Hand sanitizer is available at all exits/entrances.
    • Washrooms are open for your use.
    • All contact surfaces, doors, switches, etc have been disinfected.


  • High risk activities
    • All physical contact, such as handshaking, hugging or passing objects between individuals, is not permitted.
    • Microphones cannot be shared between individuals.
    • Since singing is a high risk activity please bring and wear a mask.
    • Passing of offering baskets will not be permitted.
      • Please place your offering in the plates at the door as you enter or exit.
    • Food and beverage service must be suspended at this time.
    • There will be no bulletin for the foreseeable future. Updates will be provided via Facebook, our website, emails, and youtube.

Thank you for your cooperation, I know this is not easy. – Peter

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