Hi everyone,

As some of you know, I have been finalizing some entries in the next directory (yes, I’ve gotten a little behind on it!) and hope to have it finished by the end of next week. Unfortunately we cannot give out paper copies yet so we’re not sure what this will look like. But if you know you’re not in the directory and would like to be (or if you’re not sure) please let me know by Thursday by calling the church or emailing. (see the end of this email for contact info)


We are continuing to meet live in the building for our services now and will be posting each service online the following week. They will be posted on facebook.com/kindersleyalliancechurch, and can be found at kindersleyalliance.com/sermons as soon as they are ready.

This week, Doug Klassen will be speaking, and Brenda will be leading worship.


The link to last Sunday’s live sermon is here:



Worship Playlist for Aug 10-16


Office Hours

Summer office hours will continue to vary from week to week. If you’re not sure, check on the calendar which is on the website (https://kindersleyalliance.com/calendar/), call the church ((306)463-6568), or email (carmen.kac@sasktel.net).

Next week I will be in the office Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 12-5pm.


If you need help or for more information please phone the church at (306)463-6568, email, or use the contact form on the website. We will be checking messages regularly.

For more details please follow us on Facebook and refer to our website.


Lift Each Other Up in Prayer

Monday – Nathan Hebert

Tuesday – Nicole Hebert

Wednesday – Theresa Janzen

Thursday – Kevan & Carmen Julseth

Isaac, Nate, Leah, Graham

Friday – Brian & Diane Kehrer

Saturday – Joyce Kelly


Pastor: Rev. Peter Ralph,  peter.kac@sasktel.net

Elders: Eric Friesen, Chairman; Dwayne Summach, Treasurer; Myron Beswitherick

Music Director: Brenda Walde, music.kac@sasktel.net

Custodian: Dale Gilbert

Secretary:  Carmen Julseth, carmen.kac@sasktel.net

Contact us: 306-463-6568, kac@sasktel.net

Website: Kindersleyalliance.com

Facebook: facebook.com/kindersleyalliancechurch

Youtube: search Kindersley Alliance Church


Announcements should be emailed to Carmen at carmen.kac@sasktel.net by Friday at 10am for the Friday update.

To access RightNow Media, please email Pastor Peter at peter.kac@sasktel.net


Ways to give: 

E-transfer with treasurer.kac@sasktel.net

Text KAC GIVE to 77977

Use pushpay at https://pushpay.com/g/kindersleyalliance

Call the church to make an appointment to come in. You can bring cash, cheque, or use the point of sale machine.

Mail your cheque to 74 West Road, Kindersley SK, S0L 1S1

To schedule automatic withdrawals please email Dwayne at treasurer.kac@sasktel.net to obtain a form.

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