Hi everyone,

This Sunday, Pastor Peter will be continuing our series in Romans, and Brenda Walde will be leading worship.

*A note about this coming Sunday (see the following video):

In Romans 1 we are entering into some mature topics such as sexuality, heterosexuality, homosexuality, purity, and promiscuity. Some will be too mature for young ears so there will be a children’s program in the foyer that will be age appropriate. If your children might be old enough to hear some of this from the culture around them, let them hear the truth from the Scriptures about how God created us to be. For the rest, there will be a time during the service where children will be dismissed and our children’s ministry team will have a program for them.

This announcement was posted on Facebook Sept 10: https://youtu.be/0VZrTzcG7y8

Remember to bring your Bibles and a pen!

The link to last Sunday’s sermon is here:

September 6 Service: Please have your elements ready as this is a Communion service.



Office Hours

Regular office hours are Monday afternoons, Thursdays from 9-3:30, and Fridays all day. If you’re not sure, check on the calendar which is on the website (https://kindersleyalliance.com/calendar/), call the church ((306)463-6568), or email (carmen.kac@sasktel.net).

Next week, I won’t be in the office Monday but you can still get a hold of me through email. I will be in the office Thursday 9am-3:30pm, and Friday from 9am-5pm (closed from 12-1 for lunch).


Virtual Youth Bible Study is on Tuesdays at 7:30. Contact Dwayne for a link.

Sept.18th is a Fire Pit Come & Go for the youth, at Summachs’ house. This is an open invitation for everyone in grades 7-12.

Ladies Connect

We are meeting on Thursday mornings from 10-12 even though we can’t serve or share food and drinks. Feel free to bring your own coffee and snacks!

If you need help or for more information please phone the church at (306)463-6568, email, or use the contact form on the website. We will be checking messages regularly.

For more details please follow us on Facebook and refer to our website.


Lift Each Other Up in Prayer

Monday – Brennan & Katie Ness, Cohen

Tuesday – Clint & Shirley Oakman

Wednesday – Gerald & Guylaine Ochrey

Thursday – Brian & Brenda Ohlheiser

Friday – Wayne & Elaine Pendree

Saturday – Harvey Penner


Pastor: Rev. Peter Ralph,  peter.kac@sasktel.net

Elders: Eric Friesen, Chairman; Dwayne Summach, Treasurer; Myron Beswitherick

Music Director: Brenda Walde, music.kac@sasktel.net

Custodian: Dale Gilbert

Secretary:  Carmen Julseth, carmen.kac@sasktel.net

Contact us: 306-463-6568, kac@sasktel.net

Website: Kindersleyalliance.com

Facebook: facebook.com/kindersleyalliancechurch

Youtube: search Kindersley Alliance Church


Announcements should be emailed to Carmen at carmen.kac@sasktel.net by Friday at 10am for the Friday update.

To access RightNow Media, please email Pastor Peter at peter.kac@sasktel.net


Ways to give: 

E-transfer with treasurer.kac@sasktel.net

Text KAC GIVE to 77977

Use pushpay at https://pushpay.com/g/kindersleyalliance

Call the church to make an appointment to come in. You can bring cash, cheque, or use the point of sale machine.

Mail your cheque to 74 West Road, Kindersley SK, S0L 1S1

To schedule automatic withdrawals please email Dwayne at treasurer.kac@sasktel.net to obtain a form.

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