Penson Newsletter, May 5

Praying for Latin America and the Caribbean

Newsletter of Blake and Kathy Penson May 5, 2024

Who Is The One?

Recently in a phone call with his sister in law, Blake listened intently as Tawnia described a two week ordeal of being transferred from hospital to hospital, the last being a medevac because of the urgency for surgery. During the ordeal Tawnia realized the Lord was speaking to her. Her ordeal was not an attack from the enemy. There was a divine plan in her pain and, above all things, she was to pray. In the last hospital she shared a room with a man whose leg was badly injured. It turns out he was a Hells Angel member and Tawnia was able to tell him that God loved him and saw him differently than he saw himself. She told him that God had a purpose for his life. That purpose was Jesus. Tawnia returned home with a great conviction in her heart from her experience. Each day she was to pray and live in anticipation of the one person she was to meet, no matter the circumstances. 

Jesus leaves us with that same conviction through observing his first missionary journey. John 4:4 says “He had to go through Samaria.” In reality, Jesus had other options for travelling to Galilee from Jerusalem. But as we read the account we realize the emphasis was not on geography but rather on meeting the one person to whom he would first reveal himself as Messiah…a Samaritan woman. Her transformation and testimony would impact the whole community where she lived. Jesus’ focus on the one person would not have been missed by his followers. As we read about the followers of Christ in Acts, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit in the early church, we discover the same conviction. One of Jesus’ followers, Phillip, sensitive to God’s leading, heard a voice saying “go south to the road – the desert road – that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” As he was walking in the direction of Gaza, he went anticipating the person he would encounter. The Spirit then said to him: “Go to that chariot and stay near it” (Acts 8:26 -29). There he encountered the one he was to meet, an Ethiopian eunuch, an important official, who in turn would be baptized and become an ambassador of Christ to his nation. 

On his last trip south to Panama and then Paraguay, Blake went with this conviction, and was amazed at how on each leg of the journey God led him to people that were hungry and open to the good news of Jesus. The primary purpose of the trip was to mentor Latino IW (international worker) candidates training at Samuel House in a Lebanese Muslim community. What Blake has discovered in his trips to Paraguay is that the Holy Spirit has been speaking to the candidates about the same conviction. One Samuel House couple, Jose and Karina, were at church one day in conversation with a friend, when they mentioned their conviction about asking the Spirit to lead them to “the one”. The friend then responded that she was being convicted about her failing to see a woman she knew she should have visited. The woman’s name was Patricia. Patricia is a young single mother, whose car was pushed off the road by a semi-trailer, leaving her a paralytic as a result of the accident. She had been in a deep, deep depression ever since. Jose, Karina and their friend went and visited Patricia. Jose remembered that on You Tube there was a testimony of Joni Eareckson Tada, a woman paralyzed in an accident, but activated by the Holy Spirit to have a powerful ministry through her journey to faith. Patricia was set free of the depression through the You Tube  testimony of Joni. She accepted the Lord as her Savior. She was recently baptized. She is full of joy and great faith. And while visiting her, the Lord prompted Blake to pray for her because she would become a powerful intercessor for God’s kingdom in Paraguay. When Blake shared this with her she replied that the Lord was telling her the same thing, and that since that moment she was beginning to experience some movement in her hands. As you see Patricia below in the photo, let her inspire you to pray for  “the one” that the Lord might have you see today! 



1.Please pray for the latino IW candidates from Samuel House as they reach out to “the one” that God would lead them to each day to share the good news of Jesus. 

2.Pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing on Patricia as an intercessor and pray for the continuing work of healing in her hands and body as she grows in her call to intercede for Paraguay. 

3. Pray for Blake as he reworks plans for travel to the Middle East after recently postponing the trip due to complications for the Latino leaders who were to accompany him. 

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