Good afternoon everyone. As a result of recent events we will unfortunately need to cancel youth and children’s programming. This includes awana, youth group, Monday youth small group, and Kids church.  this is effective immediately and will be in effect indefinitely. We will communicate to you through Facebook, email, and on our website. Thank you for your patience with us in this time of uncertainty. If you have need would you please contact the church and let us know. Remember we are family. We support each other.

Rev. Peter Ralph. 

I will add to this after having spoken to Pastor Peter – the decision has been made to cancel everything other than our Sunday service. This means Ladies’ Connect and Ladies’ Bible Study as well. We will keep you all updated if anything changes, but for now we don’t know how long it will be before we resume these ministries.

The office is closed from December 23-January 3.

Midweek ministries will resume in January:

Mondays: Youth Bible Study resumes January 13.

Wednesdays: AWANA resumes January 8.

Thursdays: Ladies Connect resumes January 9.

Fridays: Youth Group resumes January 3.


Nov.-Dec. 2019

Monday nights 7-9pm at Cheryl & Dwayne’s house. Come and join the discussion!


Youth Leaders: Dwayne Summach (306-460-5799) Cheryl Summach (306-460-4939)

This Friday, October 25th we will have a Game Night at KAC instead of going to Caleb Village.

Caleb Village Game Night has been postponed to November 8th.

Youth group is on Friday nights from 7-10pm for teens in grades 7-12. Here are the plans for September and October!

Sept.-Oct. 2019




Youth group and youth Bible study are wrapped up for the year! Check back in September to find out what’s happening when summer break is over!