The office is closed from December 23-January 3.

Midweek ministries will resume in January:

Mondays: Youth Bible Study resumes January 13.

Wednesdays: AWANA resumes January 8.

Thursdays: Ladies Connect resumes January 9.

Fridays: Youth Group resumes January 3.


Nov.-Dec. 2019

Monday nights 7-9pm at Cheryl & Dwayne’s house. Come and join the discussion!


Youth Leaders: Dwayne Summach (306-460-5799) Cheryl Summach (306-460-4939)

This Friday, October 25th we will have a Game Night at KAC instead of going to Caleb Village.

Caleb Village Game Night has been postponed to November 8th.

Youth group is on Friday nights from 7-10pm for teens in grades 7-12. Here are the plans for September and October!

Sept.-Oct. 2019




Youth group and youth Bible study are wrapped up for the year! Check back in September to find out what’s happening when summer break is over!