What will reopening look like?

Gathering Information Summer 2020

Kindersley Alliance Church Summer 2020

Gathering Information

  • “Places of worship may resume services providing social distancing of two metres can be maintained between each individual household.”
    • Households are free to sit together as close as they want.
    • Each household should maintain a distance of two metres from another household.
    • Individuals should remain two metres from other households and other individuals.
    • Please remain in place once seated.


  • Exiting the building.
    • In order to avoid congestion the exits will be marked.
    • Please avoid congestion at the exits.


  • Hygiene
    • Hand sanitizer is available at all exits/entrances.
    • Washrooms are open for your use.
    • All contact surfaces, doors, switches, etc have been disinfected.


  • High risk activities
    • All physical contact, such as handshaking, hugging or passing objects between individuals, is not permitted.
    • Microphones cannot be shared between individuals.
    • Since singing is a high risk activity please bring and wear a mask.
    • Passing of offering baskets will not be permitted.
      • Please place your offering in the plates at the door as you enter or exit.
    • Food and beverage service must be suspended at this time.
    • There will be no bulletin for the foreseeable future. Updates will be provided via Facebook, our website, emails, and youtube.

Thank you for your cooperation, I know this is not easy. – Peter

Decorate your cars! Our Grad Celebration is on Thursday:
There will be a table to drop off gifts and cards (we have 9 grads through the church and youth group).
You can come and park or just drive by.
Presentation at 7:30


KAC would like to congratulate all members of the 2020 graduating class. Special acknowledgement to those that have ties to our church family:




This come and go drive through celebration will be in the parking lot of the church at 7:00, with a presentation at 7:30. Myron Beswitherick will be speaking and Dwayne Summach will be praying for the grads. Decorate your vehicle, and come to congratulate and encourage the grads. Tables will be set out for gifts and cards, and you can stay as long as you like.